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Holidays are almost over already

Twas the night before Christmas and all through the house,
There were dog shows on TV and the rain it did douse
My coat as I walked our dog Bear down the street
While we both dream of sugarplums and meaty dog treats.

Okay, so I’m no poet. I am however one of those people who really enjoy the holiday season while not really wanting to be a part of it outside my immediate family. I appreciate having people treat other people a little nicer. I like seeing more smiles and being able to actually say Merry Christmas, Happy Holidays, Happy Hanukkah to my friends, as it at least gives me something to say to them that’s kind.

This season of the year is one that my family tends to cruise through with little to no trouble as we have very little extended family nearby to contend with. We don’t go to parents houses, we don’t go to friends houses, we don’t have family over. We just kind of hang out together here. The last 5 years have been just the three of us, Jess, Kali, and myself. This year’s been a little different as we have someone who’s joined our merry band for the foreseeable future. It’s been a little harder for me to get into the spirit of the season this year. Too many distractions, too much negativity and meanness. What is there for us to do?

Well the best thing that I can do is to call out what I’m grateful for. So I’ll just say that I’m grateful for my wife Jess first. She just walked through the room in a Santa hat and yelled “What’s up people!?” Her kind and enthusiastic attitude help keep the wheels on this boat. I’m thankful for my daughter Kali, who’s struggling at times with understanding her awesomeness. She is awesome though, and shouldn’t forget it. I’m grateful for my newest daughter Aliyah as well. Her efforts to fit in are coming from a place of hardship, and I’m thankful that she is trying as much as she is. I’m thankful for our house, our car, our jobs or lack of jobs, and of being healthy still. I’m also incredibly grateful for our friends. Those few, those happy few, our sisters and brothers who interact with us all through the year and don’t mind our lack of communication when it comes to football watching on Saturdays. Those who show up announced to play World of Warcraft or board games, and those who show up unannounced to give us the Christmas brownies they made for us. I love them all and am grateful that they are around me. I’m grateful for more than I can list here certainly, but those were a good start.

And now I would like to make a Christmas wish. I wish that anyone reading this gets to have at least some of joy I feel from time to time. I wish them health and prosperity. I wish you, strange person reading this, the very best holiday season and new year you’ve ever had. I don’t however think that can happen without people willing to help make it the best. You know better than anyone what can make your life more joyful, and I would just ask that if there’s something I can do to help that along, let me know. Happy Holidays to you all.

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