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Home buying and States that suck.

So I’m in the process of buying a home this month. I’ve been working on this for more than a month and there’s a hold up. What could hold it up you might ask? The State of Ohio having 3 tax liens on me. Why didn’t you pay your taxes in Ohio when they were due? you might ask. And here’s where the anger starts.

You see, I didn’t live in Ohio for the years that they “filed” my taxes for me. That’s right, I lived in Virginia for those years, and paid Virginia state taxes as that’s where I worked as well. Now we did live in Ohio the year after those three, and we filed taxes for that year in Ohio and overpaid, but for some reason, the overly aggressive State of Ohio Department of Taxation decided to file the previous three years as if I had lived there as well.

You would think I could just show them my taxes from VA for those years and they would understand, but apparently not. They’ve been dragging their feet on our case for months now. I thought I would have this resolved by now, and here I am, found a house and put in an offer, the mortgage company is on my side but needs this resolved before they’ll finish my loan approval, and I’m in limbo over a State Tax department that sucks the life out of me every time I call to ask what the status of this is.

I was even told that the burden of proof is on me to show that I didn’t owe them the tax they wanted to charge me. Like they could file taxes for anyone in the country at all and those people would have to prove that they didn’t live there and didn’t owe the tax. They didn’t need to show proof that I lived there and owed the tax, the courts just took their word for it, and sent the court documents to a wrong address. Had I not started looking for a house I would have never even known that there were liens outstanding.

And so the State of Ohio sucks ass. They’re overly aggressive, they charge people for taxes they don’t owe them at all, and then they act like they don’t have to do the right thing and correct the situation.

This concludes my rant for today. I hope to rant some more later in the month about something that has to do with home ownership, as that would make this rant a thing that ended up with a victory instead of a defeat.

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