Rules of the Internet

There should be some rules for using the Internet. Rules that are easy to think about because they just make sense. Let me start with one, and as more come up we’ll add to the list.

Rule #1: Check the date of the story before you link it and start ranting about it.

I see people ranting on their social media feeds about things that are really crappy in their eyes. Things that shouldn’t be allowed in our society. Things that are dreadful, and people who we should apparently be happy were killed by some elephant they were hunting.  Okay, I get it. You don’t like big game hunters (or whatever it is you’re angry about) and you think they should all just die as that would be awesome karma.

How about checking the date of the article you linked? I don’t mind people being uptight about current events, but if the article you linked was written a couple of years ago, then stop yourself from posting it. We don’t need to see it again, and you look like someone who doesn’t know how the Internet works.

The longer we have an Internet in it’s current form, the more information that is out there which is completely out of date that we shouldn’t even be looking at. Stop the constant rotation and regurgitation of old stories. It reminds me of thread bumping really old posts on Internet forums. It’s pointless and says more about the bumper than anything else.

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